Dr. Wayne Carson, ACH’s compassionate leader, earned 2015 CEO of the Year for a Nonprofit Agency from Fort Worth Business on Wednesday, August 19, at the Top 100 awards dinner that took place at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel. Receiving the award, Carson said it was humbling and a true honor.

“As you know, being a not-for-profit is a tax status, but it is not a successful business model,” Carson said. “The thing where we differ from our for-profit brothers and sisters is our bottom line. For 100 years, our bottom line has been clearly focused on protecting children and preserving families.”

Wanting to highlight our mission any time he’s in front of a crowd, Carson stated the impact ACH has on the business world and on our local communities.

“Tarrant County leads the State of Texas in the number of abused children who hurt here every year. That impacts all of us because when kids aren’t safe at home, they struggle learning in school, they struggle staying healthy, they struggle being good employees, and perhaps most sadly, they struggle developing relationships with other people,” Carson said. “The good news is that these kids can also become amazing, resilient, inspirational members of our community if they get the right treatment at the right time.”

Always a thankful and humble leader, Carson gave the credit to his staff for receiving the award.

“The only reason I’m getting this [award] tonight is because we have 250 amazing staff at ACH who come to work every day committed to protecting children and preserving families,” Carson said. “And we’ve got a board of directors who are willing to take risks, give freely of their advice and their resources, who are not afraid to challenge us - making sure we stay strong as an organization, and who provide an amazing level of support for us. Together we do something pretty simple. We have a vision that every kid in this community should grow up in a family that loves them and is safe for them.”

Congratulations, Dr. Wayne Carson on this exciting achievement!