Our Mission

Protecting Children. Preserving Families. Since 1915.

We protect children from abuse, neglect and family separation and help children overcome these things when they do happen. Abuse and neglect are significant problems in the communities we serve, and without help, the long-term impact on children can prevent them from living healthy, productive lives. Some of our programs keep children and families together, and others provide a healing home for children who can't live with their families. We have more than a century of experience working with children, and we know that the best way to accomplish our mission is to work with families, whenever possible, to strengthen their ability to care for their children.

Through strength-based partnerships, ACH brings resources and skills to children and families struggling with life's challenges. Together we develop solutions that create safety, hope, love and the capacity to thrive. 

Our Vision

Through leadership, research and training, ACH will set a recognized example for replicable programs in child welfare that dramatically strengthen families and reduce child abuse. Our vision is to be a leading agency in the communities we serve, so families thrive and children experience safety, hope and love.

Our Values

We believe all children deserve a childhood that provides safety, love, nurturing, fun, and opportunities to learn skills needed to reach their maximum potential.


We understand that a child’s needs are best met in a family environment. We believe that all families have strengths and that focusing on these strengths can create new possibilities for change. We strive to partner with families and support their efforts to provide environments for children to thrive. We work to secure a family setting when one is unavailable to children.


We will provide services that are built upon clearly defined intervention models, research and best practices. Characteristics of effective services include well trained staff, comprehensive program descriptions, effective supervision, culturally sensitive approaches, and measurable outcomes that indicate program success. Effective programs respond to an identified need and impact it positively.


We will use our financial and human resources to address the needs of those we serve using cost effective and transparent practices. We will utilize and develop resources to address the needs of both current and future consumers and look for creative ways to leverage our resources with those of other organizations.


We build upon our Christian foundation in our belief that unconditional love and hope are essential for healing. We strive to convey love and hope to all our clients and to our staff. We recognize and respect the individualized spiritual backgrounds of those we serve and support family efforts to continue in their faith traditions.


In addition to helping the children and families directly participating in our programs, ACH will strive to leverage our skills and knowledge to shape public policy, opinion and response to children and families in need. We will work collaboratively with other entities with similar goals to maximize resources for overcoming abuse, neglect and family separation.


We strive to learn from our work through thoughtful analysis of our results and methods. We will utilize innovative approaches and maintain awareness of work being done in other communities. We aim to develop knowledge that is helpful to children and families and to share this knowledge with others.