Planned Giving Options

When you include ACH Child and Family Services in your will, trust or other long term charitable plans, you are making a commitment to bettering the lives of children and families in North Texas.

We invite you to join other forward looking benefactors as a member of The Circle of Life. This is accomplished when you:

Include ACH Child and Family Services as a beneficiary in your will

Gifts by will are one of ACH Child and Family Services' most important sources of individual support. Bequests provide support for organizational objectives. A bequest can be made in the form of a specific gift of cash or property, or a percentage of the remainder of the estate. The latter allows more flexibility in planning.

Please include a charitable bequest to ACH Child and Family Services. For a specific bequest in Wills or Trusts, please use the following suggested bequest language. Please share this information with your attorney or other advisor:

I give and devise to ACH Child and Family Services (Tax ID # 75-0818140)
located in Fort Worth, Texas, the sum of $_________ to be used for its general support (or the support of a specific fund or program).

For contingent, residual or other types of bequest language, please contact:

Dixie Mullins, MBA, CFRE, FCEP
Chief Development Officer

Name ACH Child and Family Services as a beneficiary of a gift that pays you income (a remainder trust or gift annuity)

The simplest life income gift arrangement is the Charitable Gift Annuity, a contract between you and ACH Child and Family Services, providing for payments to one or two beneficiaries at a fixed rate. In exchange for a gift of $25,000 or more, ACH Child and Families Services will provide an attractive annuity rate and guaranteed payments for life. You may contribute cash or appreciated assets to establish a gift annuity. You are eligible for a charitable income tax deduction in the year that the gift is made. A Charitable Gift Annuity also allows for potential tax advantages, such as a reduction in estate and capital gains taxes.

Naming Ach as a beneficiary of your retirement assets is a tax-wise way to make a charitable gift

There are two options when choosing to name ACH Child and Family Services as a beneficiary in your investment portfolios and retirement accounts:

  1. Qualified Charitable Distribution:The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015, extended the IRA Charitable Rollover permanently. The extension allows individuals age 70 1/2 and older to donate up to $100,000 from their IRAs to the ACH tax-free. You do not receive an income tax charitable deduction. This provision allows you to transfer money from your IRAs directly to ACH, without having to recognize the transfer as taxable income. You should consult with your tax advisor about your specific situation.
  2. Beneficiary Designation: Designating ACH Child and Family Services as the beneficiary of retirement assets is one of the smartest ways for you to make a gift to ACH Child and FamilyServices and bypass multiple levels of taxation. Qualified retirement savings are generally subject to federal income tax as they are withdrawn from the plan. Failure to take the required minimum distribution after the age of 70 1/2 results in a 50% tax on the undistributed amount. At death, any remaining account balance is included in the calculation of the gross estate and may be subject to both income and estate taxes. Lastly, a generation-skipping tax may apply to substantial account balances that pass to grandchildren or to other remote generations. These taxes can consume up to 75% of the retirement assets.

Careful planning for the disposition of retirement plan assets can help to avoid undesirable tax costs. Naming ACH Child and Family Services as the beneficiary of a retirement plan will reduce the size of a taxable estate and avoid income taxation on those funds. In certain situations, a charitable gift of a retirement account can improve the donor's overall tax consequences, increase the amounts passing to their heirs, and escape income and estate taxes.

Life insurance is a wonderful asset for making a charitable gift.

You can make a gift of a life insurance policy without diminishing other investments or assets earmarked for family members.

A gift of life insurance could be right for you if your life insurance policy is paid up or has substantial cash value; you have no loan outstanding against the policy; your family is well-provided for by other means; and, you would like to make a generous gift to ACH Child and Family Services.

Make a gift of real estate to ACH Child and Family Services

There are several ways to structure a gift of real estate, each with its own advantages. For example, some gifts may be set up to provide an income stream. Real estate gifts can be made in the form of undeveloped property, a personal residence or farm, rental property, or commercial property and/or allow you to live in your home for as long as desired. You may be entitled to an income tax deduction based on the appraised value of the property.

ACH Child and Family Services carefully evaluates each potential gift of real estate, and the many ways we can structure a gift to meet your needs, on a case by case basis.


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For more information, please contact Dixie Mullins at or call 817.886.7115.