The holiday season at ACH is a flurry of parties for our children, youth and families; filled with joyous volunteers ready to work; and a testimony to the incredible generosity of our donors who are committed to supporting our mission.

Between the celebrations and random tins of fudge that end up in every office break room, there are amazing moments happening all season. We’ve captured a few of these experiences to illustrate the meaning of Christmas at ACH this time of year. 

A 17-year-old youth staying in our Youth Emergency Shelter experienced Santa’s Workshop at ACH this year. Santa’s Workshop was created to give our children and youth an opportunity to “shop” for their loved ones. And for the first time, this youth was able to do that for his family.

“This year I get to give my family presents,” he said. “I’ve only been able to give them cards on Christmas until now.”

During an annual Christmas party organized for our foster and adoptive families, one of our foster moms expressed her gratefulness for the support she receives.

“By being part of ACH’s family at Christmas, our family feels so loved and supported during our journey of adoption,” she said. “ACH includes our biological kids in all of the celebrations too, because they understand that sometimes the biological children can feel like the spotlight is on the adopted child.”

The Christmas Store at ACH, piled high with gifts to excite children of any age, enables our staff to choose a variety of Christmas morning surprises for the kids in our care. This wouldn’t be possible without the incredible amount of new toy, clothing and gift card donations we receive every year.  

From our staff, these moments are proof that we’re reaching our goal to make Christmas magical.

“We know some of our children haven’t been able to celebrate like this before,” said Anna Morales, ACH special events and community outreach coordinator. “And we want them to experience the same feelings of excitement and love that our own kids do during the holidays.”

Thank you to our community of supporters for another year of helping create special holiday memories for our children, youth and families at ACH!