As I sit here looking at the Christmas Tree all lit up and decorated and see all the presents wrapped and carefully placed beneath it, I think back of Christmas’ past and the memories they hold. I cannot tell you what toys I received when I was five, but I know the sacrifices made by my parents to make sure they were there. I cannot tell you what I received on any specific Christmas, not that the gifts didn’t mean anything, they do, but my memories go to the family all being together and no matter what struggles we had faced throughout the year, we were there, together in love and peace. That is the true Spirit of Christmas!! The lost toys, the outgrown bicycles, and the doll houses that were converted into GI Joe Command Centers (Sorry Alisha!), those things were awesome in their time, but those times have faded. What sticks with me are the faces, the love of the people who were there, those are my Christmas Memories! 

Snapping back into the present, my mind goes to that of the clients we serve. What are their memories? Do they have any good memories of Christmas or have they all been painful and lonely? The bicycles will be outgrown, the toys will break and be thrown away, but the memories of who truly loved them, who sacrificed for them will remain a powerful driving point in their young lives. I cannot tell you how proud I am to be a part of the ACH family and how special it is to pass these types of memories along to these kiddos. My Christmas wish is that one day down the road they will look at the tree in their living room and reflect back to a time when the true Spirit of Christmas entered their hearts and changed their lives forever!

Thank you all for the memories you are providing for the clients we serve, for teaching them that true love exists and that Christmas is all about giving, the giving of your heart and soul for the betterment of someone else. You are all special people and hold a very special place in my heart!!

God Bless and Merry Christmas!!

John Baker, Live-in House Parent, Wedgwood Residential Group Care