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2016 News Clips: ACH Child and Family Services and Foster Care Redesign


11/11/16 - Texas has options for improving its foster care system - and Texas must
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

10/30/16 - Texas Foster Care Redesign Estimated to Generate ROI of $3 to $1
Open Minds 

9/27/16 - Renovated state school provides help for youth
Fort Worth Star-Telegram Online

9/27/16 - Foster Care Overhaul Would More Than Triple the State's Returns
Texas Public Radio Online

9/25/16 - Analyzing economic benefits can inform foster care redesign
Midland Telegram-Reporter Online

9/8/16 - Texas CPS chief seeks to extend possible foster care fix, doesn't push raises for caseworkers yet
Dallas Morning News Online

8/15/16 - Two Years Into State's Foster Care Redesign, North Texas Sees Tentative Improvement
Dallas Observer Online

8/5/16 - On CPS reform: We must start somewhere
Fort Worth Star-Telegram Online

8/4/16 - Texas lawmakers look for ways to better help abused children
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

7/15/16 - Texas child welfare, foster care overhaul is urgent
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

7/13/16 – ACH Child and Family Services Releases Promising Progress Report on Foster Care Redesign in Texas
Houston Chronicle Online

6/24/16 – Judge in foster care case orders more effort
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

6/22/16 – Redesign Update
Texas Foster Family Association

4/8/16 – Fort Worth’s ACH offers foster care solution
Fort Worth Star-Telegram Online

2016 News Clips: Foster Care in Texas
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