Circle of Life

When you include ACH Child and Family Services in your will, trust or other long-term charitable plans , or when you make a direct gift to the endowment, you are making a commitment to a lifetime of better tomorrows. In doing so, you are leaving a legacy of caring for the children and families in North Texas, and you are giving them the one thing they need most—hope.

By documenting your intention to provide a legacy gift, you will become an esteemed member of the ACH Child and Family Services Circle of Life Giving Society. Planned gifts are invested and managed by the All Church Home for Children Foundation. The Foundation manages all endowment funds for ACH, including named endowments, from which earnings are distributed to help ACH protect children and preserve families.


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All information regarding Planned Gifts is held in the strictest of confidence and donors may choose to remain anonymous.

The information contained on this webpage is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as legal or tax advice. For specific information about any of the above opportunities, please consult your tax adviser or attorney.

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