Volunteer Forms

Complete Prior to Arriving for Scheduled Service

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Volunteer Service Guidelines

Appropriate Boundaries for Volunteers
Volunteers should remain courteous and professional during service. For the purposes of care, a volunteer is required to ask before touching (side-hugs only; no lifting). Volunteers should NEVER be alone with children – this protects both you and the child. Volunteers should NEVER ask for personal information from clients or give personal information to clients. Alert a staff member if a child needs to use the restroom or needs personal care. Also, do not hesitate to tell a child “No” if necessary to ensure safety, rules or maintain appropriate boundaries. Regardless of the situation, volunteers should defer clients to staff for all personal or behavioral needs.

Confidentiality of Information

Volunteers, much like employees, are required to safeguard the confidential nature of information concerning ACH Child and Family Services transactions, present and prospective customers, employees, vendors and volunteers. Information that you see or hear must remain here when you leave service. Volunteers are prohibited from filming or photographing clients in our care. Violations may result in termination from service.

Dress Code
To encourage modest and respectful behavior, we have developed a dress code that requires staff, volunteers and children to dress in a modest and respectful manner. During recreational activities, shorts and t-shirts are acceptable if they are not revealing or do not have questionable slogans. Inappropriate tattoos must be covered and piercings must be restricted to only two per ear.

Violence and Weapons
ACH Child and Family Services expressly prohibits acts or threats of violence by or against employee, customers, vendors, volunteers or other visitors to agency facilities. The possession or use of any/all weapons, including handguns, on company premises by any volunteer, whether licensed, unlicensed, concealed or visible, is prohibited. Volunteers are further prohibited from possessing or using any/all weapons while performing service. Violations will result in dismissal.

Sharing of Faith
As an agency founded on Christian principles, we have witnessed the multiple ways God shares love. Volunteers serve children from a wide variety of faith experiences, and it is critical that everyone feel welcome. Our programs can address the spiritual needs of the children and youth. As such, volunteers are to be respectful of the varied faith experiences and are not to seek proclamations of faith, request church membership, or discriminate against any faith. Volunteers are to able listen respectfully and encourage the youth to talk with staff. Advise staff at the time of the conversation.

Reporting Child Abuse
Texas law requires anyone who thinks a child or youth under the age of 18 is being abused, neglected or exploited must report it to the DFPS. A volunteer can report suspected abuse by phone to 1-800-252-5400 or online through the Texas Abuse Hotline at TXAbuseHotline.org. All reports remain confidential and good faith reported are protected from retaliation by law.