Volunteer Services

YOU can make a difference!


ACH Child and Family Services works to recruit, train and support mission-focused volunteers and mentors in accordance with the needs of our community, while providing a meaningful experience that creates a framework of safety, hope and love. Each volunteer brings a passion for serving others in need and we could not be more grateful for the time and energy spent giving back to those in our care.  

Why volunteer at ACH?

While we may not be able to eliminate child abuse immediately, we believe that by working hard to serve the children, youth and families in need, our efforts can pave the way for greater change on a larger scale. Your support in both time and talent doesn't have to be huge – a few moments here, a few hours there – see how even the smallest efforts can make a BIG difference! If you feel this is the right place for you, then we encourage you to apply.

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Volunteers at ACH are a tremendous resource when it comes to engaging our community in the fight to end child abuse. Our volunteers make it possible for those who work at the fore-front of our agency, as well as behind the scenes, to serve the children and families who come to us for healing. Our agency currently has opportunities for individual, group and seasonal-based volunteers that help support clients and staff throughout the year. 


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