Women's Auxiliary

The Auxiliary was formed in 1962 by Mrs. Ben L. Bird. The Auxiliary’s main purpose was to work with the children who were living in ACH's care and provide them with the love and attention that they so desperately needed since they were separated from their own families. Over the years, the home, the children, and their needs continued to change. Therefore, the Auxiliary adjusts its activities to focus on today's challenges and tomorrow's world. 

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auxiliary membership

Joining the ACH Women's Auxiliary is a sure way to become part of a team of women dedicated to making a difference! We are looking for a diverse and dynamic group of women devoted supporting the children and families of ACH. Women of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to join and participate in the program. Our target population includes women ages 30 - 85 who are passionate about community service.

member goals
  • Engage Women in the Community
  • Create a Social Outlet for Members to Bond & Get Involved
  • Provide Mission-focused Service Events to Benefit ACH
  • Prepare Members to Be Advocates in the Fight Against Child Abuse & Neglect

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2019 auxiliary members
  • NEWEST MEMBER! Vicki Hecht
  • Janie Anderson
  • Teresa Brownlie
  • Tamara Cook
  • Caroline Cyrier
  • Sherrie Cyrier
  • Julie Davidson
  • Emily Dotson
  • Catherine Fankhauser
  • Vivian Ferguson
  • Linda Ford
  • Catherine Hees
  • Laura High
  • Leanne Huff
  • Wendy Hunsaker
  • Susan Idleman
  • Victoria Jackson
  • Suzanne James
  • Missy Johns
  • Linda Johnson
  • Marie Jordan
  • Kelly Keller
  • Laura Korte
  • Teri Kramer
  • Valerie Mallick
  • Virginia Miteff
  • Cheryl Moore
  • Lynn Newman
  • Sheila Owen
  • Kim Parham
  • BJ Pease
  • Anna Melissa Philpott
  • Michelle Purvis
  • Rande Ross
  • Susan Samuelson
  • Melisa Shultz
  • Jana Stidman
  • Val Stocker
  • Debbie Vinson
  • Rhonda Walsh
  • Kay Watson
  • Helen Flora Whites
  • Sandi Wilson
  • Taryn Wilson

For more information, please contact Taj White via email  or call 817.886.7174.