Young Professionals

Are you a young professional looking for a way to make an impact? Start right now! Make your mark in our North Texas community by joining yACH! We’re committed to helping local children and families while having an awesome time serving them—join us! Why? Because ACH has been protecting children and preserving families in Fort Worth for more than 100 years. We want to share knowledge and show others how to advocate for the youth we serve.

The yACH Mission

Our mission is to create hope by being an advocate and showing our community that we can make a difference in the life of a child. Members cultivate healing by showing compassion through service to kids in the North Texas area. You are a champion of hearts by shining a helpful light, mending broken lives and putting children back on the path to growth and hope for the future. Review calendar of events below to see how members support ACH!

2019 Calendar of Events

Current Members
  • Adrian Zaporozan
  • Andrew Matson
  • Brianna Elder
  • Caitlin Bullock
  • Christin Day
  • Jennifer Nassar
  • Jillian Taylor
  • Katie Ciccarino
  • Kristen Victorin
  • Laura Korte
  • Lauren Kaufman
  • Lucas Laird
  • Marcos Wiggins
  • Michael Smyers
  • Michael Walczyk
  • Noah Dennis
  • Paige McNamara
  • Patrick Darcy
  • Samuel Gunderson
  • Stephanie McFarland
  • Tiffany Lai


Be a hero!

If you are interested in joining yACH, we do ask for a $50 donation to join. Your donation will provide you with access to service and social events throughout the year that will bring awareness and funding to ACH Child and Family Services. Your membership provides you complimentary admittance to specific events, professional networking, volunteer opportunities and the chance to help plan future events.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Canfield via email or call 682.432.1064.