Frequently Asked Questions

Is ACH Child and Family Services, formerly All Church Home for Children, a religious organization?

ACH Child and Family Services is not affiliated with any specific religious denomination and is not funded as part of the budget of any religious organization. ACH has been nourished by its roots in the Christian faith and believes that faith relationships and faith communities can be a vital source of support for children and families. Spiritual support is provided on a voluntary basis in some of our programs.

Why was ACH Child and Family Services previously called All Church Home for Children?

The name comes from the work of many Fort Worth churches to combine efforts and create needed services for women and children. ACH was founded in 1915 as the Church Women’s Cooperative Home by a group of women from churches of several denominations in the Fort Worth area to help destitute women and children. In the 1930s, a change in services to caring for orphaned and abandoned children led to the name of All Church Home for Children. In 2010, the organization, with input and approval from the collective efforts of its Board of Directors, key stakeholders and agency friends, as well as agency leadership and staff, felt it was time to rebrand and rename. The new brand is designed to better convey the “who” and “what” ACH does as an organization today.

What are the programs of ACH Child and Family Services?

ACH Child and Family Services offers several services to help children, youth, and families overcome life’s challenges.

Crisis Intervention

  • Assessment, Intervention and Referral Services (AIRS)
  • Safe Place
  • Youth Emergency Shelter
  • Turning Point

Foster Care and Adoption

  • Foster Care
  • Treatment and Therapeutic Foster Care
  • Kinship Connections
  • Adoption

Family Services

  • Youth and Family Counseling
  • Skill Builder Classes
  • Families Together

Residential Services

  • Behavioral Care
  • The Morris Program
  • The LIFE Project (Learning Independence from Experience)
  • Residential Treatment Center

Community-Based Care

  • Our Community Our Kids

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What is the care philosophy at ACH Child and Family Services?

ACH uses a solution-focused, competency-based care approach to working with clients. All ACH services are child-centered and family-focused to best address the needs of children while closely involving families. ACH partners with clients to provide the right services and levels of assistance that will help them overcome life’s challenges and achieve their goals.


What kinds of challenges bring children, youth and families to ACH Child and Family Services?

Life’s challenges can take on many forms: death, divorce, physical illness, mental illness, addiction, homelessness, economic uncertainty, job loss, poverty, family conflict, street violence, sexual or physical abuse, teen pregnancy, gang involvement, runaway, truancy, and/or juvenile offenses.

Who do ACH Child and Family Services serve?

Children, youth, and families.

Who is eligible for ACH’s services?

Any child, youth or family struggling with life’s challenges. If you need help or know someone who does, don’t worry about which program they will fit into, just call us. ACH intake counselors will find a way to help you even if ACH programs are not a good fit.

Are all of the services of ACH Child and Family Services available to anyone regardless of where they live?

This varies based on the specific program, but most of ACH’s services are available to anyone regardless of where they live.

Where can I learn more about ACH Child and Family Services and its programs and services?

Be our guest at one of our monthly Learning Lunches! These lunches are free and include a presentation about the programs and services offered by ACH Child and Family Services. Find out more about upcoming Learning Lunches.

How do I get help for me or for someone I know?

Just call us at 817.335.HOPE (4673) or 1.888.296.8099. You can also email us at [email protected].

How do I know which program or service my child, youth or family needs?

Don’t worry about which program they will fit into, just call us. Our intake counselors assess your needs and connect you with the appropriate program. If ACH Child and Family Services is unable to help you, our intake counselors can help you locate other resources in the community.

How much do ACH’s services cost?

ACH doesn’t charge clients for almost all of its programs. For the few programs with a small charge, no one is ever denied services because of inability to pay.

Who refers children, youth and families to ACH Child and Family Services?

Anyone can make referrals to ACH.

Get help now by calling 817.335.HOPE (4673).​

Get Immediate Help

Call 817.335.HOPE (4673)



Answered 24 hours a day

Not an emergency services phone number. Call 911 for medical emergencies.


In Texas: 1.800.252.5400
Nationwide: 1.800.4.A.CHILD

Under $25,000

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