Residential Treatment Center


As the coordinator of services for over 2,400 youth in foster care annually, ACH is clear on what services are needed to help these youth heal from the trauma they have experienced. However, ACH identified a significant lack of programs for teenagers who have survived significant losses and traumas, including abuse and neglect.

That’s why ACH launched a new program centered around an innovative, new Residential Treatment Center—the only one of its kind in Texas. Tarrant and the other counties we serve now have a secure facility staffed by treatment teams who will put our highest-needs teenagers on an accelerated path to success. By helping them understand that they are safe, that some adults can be trusted, and that they can relax and not worry about protecting themselves from an abuser, these youth can make amazing strides in their development.

ACH will then connect them to a support system with the vision of eventually living successfully in a family—the best setting to continue to develop and learn to be an independent, contributing member of society.

Early in 2020, 17-year-old Jordan entered the Robert and Jane Ferguson Residential Treatment Center (RTC) due to past traumas that created behaviors that were putting her in danger. At the RTC, Jordan received therapeutic care to help her develop skills to manage her emotions, build her self-esteem, and help her make safer decisions for herself.
On her path to healing, Jordan developed strong connections with RTC staff, learning to connect to adults in healthy ways. Jordan was so bright, she continued to make gains in school while she was in our care and graduated from high school. She was also able to be reconnected with her mother. She even began rebuilding her relationship with her mother—something unimaginable to her when she started treatment.

Over the course of her treatment, Jordan revealed her bright and engaging personality, her compassion for the deaf community, her skills in sign language, and her resilience in overcoming a very difficult start in life. She is currently attending college and has a promising future ahead of her. The skills she has learned will benefit her for a lifetime.

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