For Parents & Caregivers

As a parent/caregiver, your priorities change and evolve every day.
Good news—we can help! 

Available Programs

All Ages


24/7 hotline staffed by skilled bilingual professionals who help determine the best course of action through ACH or a referral to other community services.

Call 817.335.HOPE (4673)

Families Together

Provides transitional housing and healing for single mothers and their children who are experiencing homelessness due to domestic violence.

Kinship Navigator

benefits kinship families raising grandchildren, nieces, or nephews in Tarrant, Parker, Palo Pinto, Johnson, and Hill Counties.

Families with Children Under 18

Youth Emergency Shelter

A Safe Place but also open 24/7 to help your kids whether they are homeless, a runaway or fear of—or are now—being trafficked. 

Ages 10-17

Safe Place

If your children are ever looking for a safe place to run to, tell them to look for the distinctive yellow and black Safe Place sign. Safe Places include businesses like QuikTrip, libraries, fire stations, and other local businesses.

Ages 10-17

Skill Builders

Provides FREE group classes on topics including Life Skills, Why Try, Lack of Motivation, Anger Management, and Parenting Wisely. In English and Spanish.

For Youth Ages 10-17

Youth and Family Counseling

Offers FREE help for youth and their families dealing with issues such as conflict at home, bullying, talk of running away, or behavior problems. In English and Spanish.

For Youth Ages 0-17 and Their Families

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Get Immediate Help

Call 817.335.HOPE (4673)



Answered 24 hours a day

Not an emergency services phone number. Call 911 for medical emergencies.


In Texas: 1.800.252.5400
Nationwide: 1.800.4.A.CHILD

Under $25,000

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