Skill-Builder Classes

Real Help For Real Life Skill Building Classes are designed to help youth and parents to develop specific skills that assist with overcoming common real-life challenges. Classes are FREE with flexible scheduling for busy families with a duration of 4-5 weekly sessions and provide the additional benefit of serving as support groups. Clients must complete an individual intake session before the first date of classes.

All class topics were developed using Seeking Safety, a promising practice intervention counseling model, and incorporate Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) principles.

To encourage class completion and to assist with transportation, participants can earn a $10 gas card awarded for each class day, up to $50!  Register easily online by filling out the form below.

Classes are designed for youth and parents struggling with real-life issues such as:
Conflict at home or school
Anger management
Managing peer pressure
Lack of motivation at school
School attendance
Reckless or criminal behavior

Current Classes/Support Groups
Anxiety is REAL

Helps youth identify triggers for their anxiety and develop health copy skills by identifying where the false, anxiety-producing beliefs are coming from, testing the validity of those beliefs, and replacing illogical thoughts with logical ones.

Anger is REAL

Helps youth understand their anger, how it can play a negative role in their lives and with their relationships, and how to express these emotions in a healthy way.

Reward is REAL

Helps motivate and re-engage students who may be struggling with challenges at home and in school by focusing on the ultimate rewards of building resilience and inner strength.

Risk is REAL

Helps youth, who may be first offenders, understand the repercussions of life choices and gives them the skills necessary to avoid behavior that may put future success at risk.

REAL Families

Helps parents understand how to improve their relationships with their children and decrease conflict through skill development, behavior management, and support.

Express Classes

We are now also providing 1-hour single session classes on specific hot topics. Check our schedule in the drop-down menu below or call us to schedule one of these classes for your special group.

  • REAL Tips for Stress Management
  • REAL Tips for Screen Time
  • REAL Tips for Social Media
  • REAL Tips for Bullying

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