Spreading Joy in LIFE

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ACH Young Adult Arranges Special Celebrations for Peers

In ACH’s LIFE Project, our staff is dedicated to providing care, support, and most importantly, love to the youth in our programs. When we see the youth in our care share that same love with their peers, it’s an especially proud moment for our staff.

K, a young lady in LIFE, took the initiative to plan birthday parties and special celebrations for her peers in the program. When K first arrived in LIFE, the staff threw her a birthday party. She held onto that happy feeling and wanted to be a part of planning those celebrations for the other youth.

“I thought I should do the same for other people to make them feel this good, too,” said K.

K takes the time to meet with staff and plan out all the details. With each celebration, K makes sure to find out what each person likes and the activities they enjoy.

 “The older you get, the less you care about your birthday,” said K. “This is their special moment.”

Creating Memories

For many of the youth in LIFE, the first birthday they celebrate in the program is the first birthday they’ve ever celebrated.  

“Many of our girls come from different backgrounds and have different interests – but these are times that bring us together,” said Cassie Morgan, LIFE Project Mentor. “Watching them use their gifts and contribute is just amazing.”

K’s generosity and hard work also extend to the volunteer mentors who participate in activities with the young adults in LIFE. During volunteer appreciation week, K met with the youth in LIFE and led a project to create gift bags for each mentor.

“It felt good because they always do stuff for us,” said K. “They don’t have to come, and they do. I just wanted to do something special for them.”

What is LIFE?

ACH’s LIFE (Learning Independence from Experience) Project is a program that builds self-confidence and self-sufficiency in young adults ages 18 to 21 who are homeless or are in extended foster care. Young adults who are on their own are given guidance and support in developing life skills—such as applying to college, entering the workforce, and preparing to live independently.

K, a young adult in ACH’s LIFE Project has been throwing birthday parties and celebrations for her peers in the program. 

Reflection of Growth

According to ACH Staff Mentor Stephanie Henry, the thoughtfulness and care K has shown to her peers in the LIFE project reflects one of the many leadership skills she has developed at ACH.

“K has grown significantly in the past year since coming to the LIFE program,” said Stephanie. “She has grown in knowledge of cooking, learned how to take better care of herself and how to garden.”

While planning the events is fun for K, her favorite moment is when she reveals the surprise.

“I love seeing their faces,” said K. “They always look so happy, and that makes me happy.”

Support K in creating special moments for the youth in ACH’s LIFE Project, by getting involved at ACH today!

K helps prepare food for her and her peers in The LIFE Project.

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